This endpoint returns the tariffs (structures) and rates (costs) to purchase electricity from electrical utilities in the United States. The bulk of our retail rates are for residential customers (though there may be some overlap with small commercial or other electricity users). We include all types of utilities, including investor owned utilities, municipal utilities, and coops. Our data includes component charges, the source of the data, and the recency.

We include time-varying rates, also known as “time of use” rates, and provide the structure of peak versus non-peak

Our Retail Rate Database contains electricity rates for 95% of US customers (over 1700 utility companies).

Our database uses a human-augmented machine learning approach to pull the latest rates whenever they become available and we are continually feeding in new rates as well as updating existing rates.

Users can employ this data to estimate the cost of electricity based on a set usage. It can also be used to determine based on changes in electricity usage, for instance from energy efficiency upgrades. This data can be combined with the electricity usage estimate (link) to estimate the cost of electricity for nearly any home in the US.

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