This endpoint returns the surplus generation rate for electricity utilities in the United States, also sometimes referred to as the net metering rate. The bulk of our surplus generation rates are for residential customers, usually with rooftop solar, but some of the generation rates may be helpful also for small commercial customers, or for customers with wind or other generation facilities. Our data includes the rates, the parameters employed by utilities to calculate the total value, the sources of the data, the recency of collection, and when it is not possible to directly calculate the surplus generation rate, we identify the type of estimation that was used to calculate the estimate.

If a rate varies with time, we include the structure so that users are able to calculate the value of surplus for a period of time, over a calendar year.

Our surplus generation rate database includes sixty of the utilities with the largest number of customers generating surplus generation.

We collect this data with a human-augmented machine learning approach to collect the latest data concerning surplus generation valuations, and it is verified by an independent energy consultancy.

Users can employ this data to estimate the value of surplus generated electricity, based on a production curve. It can also be used to test the value of different production curves, for instance to determine the increased return on investment if a larger rooftop solar system is installed. This data can be combined with the electricity solar estimate and the electricity usage estimate to calculate the value of surplus solar production for nearly every home in the US.

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