This endpoint returns a home’s expected electricity usage (in kWh) over a 12-month period, as well as the carbon footprint, utility rate, expected bill, and more. Our best-in-class machine learning model is trained on millions of data points and is constantly being updated with new information to create a personalized estimation output to every home.

There are a number of ways this API can be used, depending on the amount of data you already have.

Case 1 (Zip Code Only): The minimum input required is a zip code. This allows us to apply weather and climate data in order to return a usage prediction for the average home in the area

Case 2 (Full Address): This is the most common use case. You provide the address of the user and we take care of the rest! We use the address to fill in the rest of the fields for you.

Case 3 (Housing Data): If you don't have the address but you know some other characteristics of the home (square footage, bedrooms, etc), you can manually enter those as well and we'll apply whatever you have to the model.

Case 4 (Address and Housing Data): For the best results, you can enter both the address and the housing data. We'll trust any housing data you give us, and use the address to attempt to fill in any empty fields.

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